Future Legends

Davenport Central Football Players

Currently there are approximately 800 student athletes at Central High School (more than half the student population).  An unknown number of younger students at Sudlow and J.B. Young Intermediate schools and the elementary schools that feed them are also future Blue Devils as they pursue the traditional school sports.

Who knows how many of them will go on to achieve greatness in sports?  Many, many more will go on to achieve greatness in other aspects of life, and participation in sports certainly is very helpful in shaping a young persons life.

Here is a look at the sports our Blue Devils participate in by season:

Cheerleading Basketball (Boys) Golf (Girls) Baseball
Cross Country (Boys) Basketball (Girls) Soccer (Boys) Softball
Cross Country (Girls) Bowling (Boys) Soccer (Girls)  
Dance Bowling (Girls) Tennis (Boys)  
Football Cheerleading Tennis (Girls)  
Golf (Boys) Swimming (Boys) Track & Field (Boys)  
Swimming (Girls) Wrestling Track & Field (Girls)  


Davenport Central SwimmerSwimming

"Good swimmers are some of the most determined people you will ever meet. As adults, they have an ability to see and start a task and pursue it to its finish. These are the lessons competitive swimming have taught me. As an example, one of my closest friends today is one of my teammates from 30 years ago. Lessons learned and friendships made from high school swimming reach far into adulthood." - Coach Vince Jurgena



Blue Devil BasketballBlue Devil Basketball usually involves about 50 players in grades 9 through 12. This is true for boys and girls basketball. Additional students participate as trainers and managers.

The players and coaching staff are excited about this year at the varsity level.

"A couple of reasons why I think competitive sports help prepare students for life: It teaches how important work ethic is when you want to be good at something. There is no substitute for hard work. It also teaches students about teamwork. In life you have to know how to work with people and be a team." - Head Coach Craig Wurdinger



Team Photos

2012 volleyball2012 boys' cross country


2012 football2012 boys' golf


2012 dance2012 girls' cross country


2012 girls' swimming2012 cheer