Come join us on November 6th from 6:30pm - 11:00pm at the RiverCenter during which guests will participate in the Silent Auction, then a short presentation on Raising The Legends. After that there will be a live auction, and performance by Funktastic 5.




Board Members of the Foundation:
Craig Levien, President
Mark Kilmer, Past President
Mark Bawden, Secretary/Treasurer
Cathy Cartee, Board Member
Kyle Gott, Board Member
Doug Wells, Board Member
Kay Runge, Board Member
Cal Werner, Board Member
Brian Ehlinger, Athletic Director
Sara Gott, Board Member
John Moran, Board Member
Greg Gowey, Board Member
Caroline Ruhl, Board Member
Jay Bower, Board Member


Committe Members of the Foundation:
Gretchen Cordt Jim Groenenboom
Heather Ehlinger John Korn
Lisa Miguel Julie Moran
Bill Taylor Susie Rathje
Patty Van Camp Anne Saveraid
Ira Dunsworth Chris Townsend
Missy Gowey Trish Townsend
Jill Larkin  


Contact us if you are interested in being a part of this exceptional group of volunteers!